What Is The Best Solution To Headlice/nits?

My youngest sister has always had huge troubles with headlice throughout her life (she is now 12). We have tried all the head lice products, sprays, mousse, we have even tried WHITE SPIRIT thinking it would kill everything off and it still hasn’t!
We now think that just combing through everyday will eventually solve the problem but it’s sucha bore and there must be a solution out there.
What are your personal experiences, and what do you reccommend?
Thank you!

15 thoughts on “What Is The Best Solution To Headlice/nits?

  1. xhxbanan on

    the robi comb always worked for me! it is an electric comb that you brush through the hair of the person with headlice, and the comb will electricute and remove all the headlice! visit the website below to find out more! hope this helps!

  2. Apples to Apples on

    You have to kill the source. They can survive in bed linens, pillows, clothing. Replace her pillows and bed linens. Make sure that her clothing is lice free. If she keeps laying in the source, she will never get rid of them.

  3. Mrs E Cullen on

    tea tree oil works use the whole bottle over a period of time every day,comb it out and wash through. if this doesn’t work go to the doctors and they may prescribe something.

  4. first spray your entire house and car with lice killer, then make sure none of her friends have it they are usually the culprit. if that didn’t work you might want to seek medical advice. hope that helps:)

  5. witchfro on

    Use a good quality natural head lice preparation and continue to to comb through every day to remove eggs.Repeat the treatment for at least three weeks and then check hair daily to keep on top of the problem.

  6. Encourage her to eat raw garlic, chop into small pieces and swallow with water, about 4 cloves a day.

  7. Snuffy on

    i found after washing my kids hair and covering it in conditioner and then combing through every day helped better than the stuff from the chemist. Put plenty of conditioner on (using a cheap one will be fine for this) and comb it with a nit comb. The little buggers cant keep a grip to the hair shaft. Good luck………….

  8. Dr Frank on

    The problem is that the head lice have become increasingly resistant to the conventional pleasant modern preparations. Sometimes switching back to older preparations such as benzyl benzoate will help, but they are more toxic and less pleasant to use. The alternative is daily nit combing using a decent nit comb. Most of the ones you buy in the pharmacy these days are plastic and to be frank not that good. A number of my patients have had a similar problem and I surfed for an answer. There were many sites selling decent combs. Here is just one of them: http://www.nittygritty.co.uk

  9. Where can I park on

    Boots own brand of Tea Tree Shampoo and Tea Tree Conditioner. Leave conditioner on hair for at least 5 minutes and then comb through, should only need doing for about 3 days in a row. These pests only like clean hair, but there is something in the Tea Tree that makes it hard for them to cling on to the hair follicles.

  10. student2 on

    keep combing them out at least twice a day and then when she is washing her hair tell her to use tee tree oil, the smell is very musky but when you have dried your hair noone can smell it. I had a BIG problem with nits and this has worked for me sinse i was 13 Tell her not to worry – its nothing to be ashamed of x

  11. Its easy just takes dedication, every two days from now on ( or until she is alot older) wash and condition her hair. Dont rinse the conditioner but use a nit comb to comb it through and remove the nits, then rinse. A continual routine will get rid of them in about two weeks and continued use will stop them from taking hold ever again. Tea tree shampoo and conditioners are also recommended as the lice arent keen on the stuff. The combs with metal teeth are best.

  12. Fences and windows on

    The Best Treatments website from the British Medical Journal has these points about treatment for head lice: * Treat yourself or members of your family for head lice only after you’ve found a live louse in your hair or theirs. * Chemical treatments for head lice (insecticides) may work. But head lice in the UK are becoming resistant to chemical treatments. So it’s hard to say which treatment works best. * Treatments may not always kill lice eggs. This means you may have to repeat the treatment after seven days to catch newly hatched lice. * If you use a treatment correctly and it doesn’t work, it probably means the head lice are resistant to it. Don’t use the same treatment again. And don’t use another treatment that contains the same chemical. * Liquid treatments are water-based and lotions are alcohol-based. Both work. But it is best not to use alcohol-based treatments on anyone with severe eczema or asthma. * Combing your hair with a louse detection comb (also known as ‘bug busting’) may work. But we need more research to know for certain. * We don’t know if herbal treatments work. It is also the case that “Wet combing with conditioner has proven to be as effective as some over-the-counter lotions for unsupervised use in the home”. It is worth remembering that “it has been repeatedly shown that only a small number of children who have nits on their scalp are also infested with living lice. Accordingly, in the USA alone 4-8 million children are treated unnecessarily for head lice annually, which amounts to 64% of all lice treatments”. So don’t throw a chemical arsenal at the problem straightaway.

  13. Scarlett on

    You just have to keep at them nasty little beasts. Continue with the combing. You can’t prevent your sister becoming infested. Have you tried Boots own herbal conditioner, it is especially for head lice, used with a coal tar shampoo ie. T/Gel or Vosene. This won’t prevent them but regular use should keep them under control.

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