How Many Days Is The Earliest Headlice Can Breed?

My daughter has headlice and don’t know how long i can go with out washing and combing her hair. She is going on a school trip soon and its for 4 nights. Its not at all bad first hair wash and comb. i found 10 adults (doesn’t seem bad compared to my friends children) it looks like i have found them just in time to treat them.
Can anyone advise me how early headlice start to breed from hatching?

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  1. after treating with the shampoos and such, go buy an electric lice comb. It is battery operated and much more effective than the shampoos and all that alone. What we did was wash with the lice shampoo, and conditioner. Blow dried their hair, went through with the electric comb once daily for two weeks, then once a week for a month, just to ensure all the lice were dead. The electric comb kills the bugs so they cannot lay eggs, the biggest problem will be with the eggs. We spent almost a month trying to rid our 2 daughters of lice before we broke down and bought the comb, as it was expensive, but so were all the shampoos, creams and sprays that were supposed to kill the lice and nits. Save yourself time and the hassle of dealing with it and buy the electric comb!

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    i think you might have worded your question wrong. you should be seeing “nits” (or eggs) not 10 adults. if you are seeing that many adults, she has had them for a while. most of the time you should be able to get the nits, before letting them get to the adult stage. they recommend to redo the shampoo every 3 days, becuase they can hatch. when you pull the nit out, make sure you pop it. it can survive in its shell, and stay alove for a couple of days. you can also, rinse the comb in straight vinegar every time you pull it through her hair, vinegar kills and disinegrates the shell.if you pop them, you just poke your fingernail in it, and you will hear a pop like a rice crispie. if you are finding adults, like you think you are, you need to comb and recomb until you can’t see anything, otherwise they can lay more eggs, and you will start all over again. i have dealt with lice a few times, with my nieces & nephews, my kids, coiusins etc. they always call me, becuase i have the patience i guess to do it slowly. use the nit comb that comes with the shampoo, and if it makes it easier, you can also wash her hair with the medicine, then use conditioner to help the comb slide through her hair easier. good luck!

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    It is easier to see the big lice. You usually only see the nits after they are hatched. They are a Grey brown before hatching and only get white and noticeable when it is to late. I had that problem, and I hope you don’t get it. If you re scared this could be the case. Put vinegar on her hair. It loosens the nits and makes it easier to comb out. Tell your daughter to keep her hair tied up as far as possible. And spray if with hairspray. Spray any hats she have with tea tree oil. After washing hair, rinse with vinegar. It makes it hard for the lice to glue nits to hair strands. Also leaves hair nice and shiny. Good luck

  4. You retreat every 7 days I think, it says it all in the instructions. If you’re worried just check her head every night and do a treatment when needed.

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